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Short girls wear reebok pump long trench coat with shoes

Now it's time for the weather to be very cold, let's talk about the windbreaker that really caught everyone's attention. I believe there will always be one or two windbreaker in every girl's closet. The windbreaker will not only look fat but also warm . Despite the colder weather, wearing a trench coat, which only needs a thin sweater, or primer shirt on it completely. But we all know that some windbreaker longer, short dwarfs can not easily try long trench coat, afraid to make themselves look even shorter, in fact, does not exist, but you do not know how to wear it. Thick casual shoes. Recently, whether tall or short, many people are particularly fond of wearing thick casual shoes, the whole person looks taller, and more temperament. Is to wear a long section of the coat, with a thick casual shoes, it looks like the proportion of the whole person will look good. At least be able to reebok store hold a long trench coat live, will not make yourself look too short. Thick Martin boots, many girls like to wear Martin boots in autumn and winter, Martin boots, looks cool, while most of the Martin boots reebok pump are basic. If you choose to wear long trench coat, you can match a pair of Martin boots, not only fashion, but also wild, while also allowing their legs look longer.

Not enough legs, shoes to make up. High heels will always be a kind of shoes that girls will not hate, reebok running shoes wear high heels always be able to change the queen, even the long trench coat, but also absolutely not afraid of the entertainment, like prince Wen this short children more is, but only A stepped on high heels, I was the Queen, whether the presence of clothes can also be the perfect hold live.