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Skirt + small white shoes do not ride together or else look good

Now this kind of weather, it is a good time to wear a skirt, want to wear comfortable and beautiful, the easiest way is a combination of skirt and small white shoes, upper body is not only comfortable, skirt selected, but also gives a special aesthetic feel. This dress is our daily street LOOK dress is seen more, not only can make the whole look more refreshing, full of leisure, the key is that this mix will never out of date ah, almost every girl reebok store likes dress up. We follow Xiao Bian together to see these groups with it. Very chic a half skirt fabric is relatively thin kind of get started feel very soft even summer wear will not be hot side of the invisible zipper opening and closing easy to wear off the irregular hem cut the pleated skirt body and reebok running shoes oblique distribution of geometry Pattern with a pair of small white shoes to make it reebok outlet even more distinctive, and the overall shape of the skirt unique, wear out no embarrassment of Zhuangshan black embellishment, rich and imagination, chiffon fabric, vertical Natural, seven-length speaker sleeves cover the arm fat, it is more slender and soft. Small white shoes is really mixed with the existence of the gods, not only the streets of the street with the holy items, and basically all year round can wear. Gray fashionable a T-shirt dress chest a little interesting to smoke a woman printing pattern is also a special place for this T-shirt fried chicken fashion it, the overall version of a bit loose, but very thin white background, gray Wild reebok classic one of the length of the knee to the position, the design just right, free with now can be used to take within the ride.

Long dress, collar with a retro V-neck straps tied into the bow is enough girl, sleeves unique semi-split design to form a special palace lantern sleeves, full of mystery and retro, but also clever cover cover, skirt body Is the splicing of the cake skirt body, skirt as fish-like elegant, two colors, echoes each have their own beauty. Small white shoes have a comfortable thick bottom, put a lot after the increase, not enough confidence for the height of MM can be an instant increase, and tall body wear it MM, was thin and slender.