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Skirt with thick heels, flat shoes, perfect

Women's clothing becomes more diverse, shorts, short skirts, dresses, trousers, etc. everything, you have become arbitrary. In the summer, presumably the most popular woman is a single product is a short reebok pump skirt, because you can diversify with, Variety of their favorite style, like the recent fire Yang Mi, her dress was called fashionable taste, Even when she likes to wear short skirts in the summer! So skirt in the end to match what shoes is appropriate? Xiaobian feel high heels, then the first do not say, because they are also very tired of high heels. Change the taste is also good, such as rough heels, flat shoes, so together with the more relaxed and fashionable, but also people walking to become uncomfortable. So today and we talk about rough heels and flat shoes thing. Speaking of coarse heels, whether it is sandals, shoes can be equipped with short skirts, which are very suitable for summer wear, no sense of violation of the existence, but also make you more beautiful beauty. In fact, the words of the shoes should choose a relatively high-quality design, so that will make you more taste, while wearing feet will be more comfortable, not like tens of dollars of shoes, like cutting feet, but also people look not taste. The following high-quality coarse heels, will allow you to wear high-end quality fashion sense.

A look that is part of the high-end models, this shoe made of a total of three kinds of leather from the process is also very elegant, every detail is carefully crafted design. Lining material is the selection of the first layer of pigskin, insoles are used sheepskin, to help the surface of the material is selected the first layer of sheepskin, the foot of the special comfort, high-quality rubber outsole, at reebok pump the same time with anti-slip effect, With, belt buckle design, have created a British international wind, full of fashion and handsome, big sense of special foot Oh! Design is like this year's popular Mute shoes reebok outlet store style, very European and American style. Especially the heel of the elements, but also high fashion index Exquisite square head, modified foot type looks handsome, after the heel of the buckle, give you release a very attractive temperament. It uses a high-quality leather fabric, texture is very good, full of comfortable wearing feelings, just to bring you a different wearing effect, such a single shoes with short skirts, is definitely good-looking, certainly the British style Proper. Ultra-atmospheric design, simple and generous, to help the surface of the material is the choice of a comfortable first layer of sheepskin, foot feeling particularly good, comfortable and comfortable to wear, do not feel tired feet, and shallow mouth version, so you better Modified foot type of line charm, insoles are used sheepskin, so that every moment you can feel comfortable and unique wearing experience. Simple rough with, easy walking, for those who do not know to wear heels sister can be easy and perfect control, such a high-end atmosphere on the grade of shoes, not into the words of the pity Oh! For flat shoes, then the preferred type of sandals, this will be more to meet the theme of the summer, but also let you wear to become fresh. Flat choice should choose the fashion atmosphere, a big sense, in order to better enhance your level of charm, will not make you look like LOW and no goods. A tall comfortable flat shoes, walking in the streets, easy to learn to keep returning, but also let you become more taste.

Is definitely a grade of shoes, not only elegant and comfortable, for some of the relatively wide legs of the sister, this can be very reebok outlet good to help you to live, making the feet look slim, behind the bag heel and pearl Elements, especially a feminine, while your ankle full of local decoration, in front of a simple word, is the best modification of the foot type of important elements, high-quality leather fabric, give you a different feeling of comfort. Want people to see at a glance different, presumably this design is the most eye-catching. It uses cross-belt and diamond design, full of the British international style, all become fashionable, especially with a short skirt when the fashion sense full marks. Clip the elements, will not appear monotonous, high-quality leather fabric, so you feel endless comfort, and the big sense of a particularly good, want to make their own fashion has the connotation of choice, choose this flat sandals quasi-right.