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Snow boots do not heel how to do? Small coup to solve the "no heel" troubles

First, when buying snow boots, size should be appropriate, followed by the foot with his heel is not related to the type, you can pad mat, wearing rough socks.

1, snow boots buy big not with the foot

(1) buy snow boots big no foot, you can try and returned to the merchant.

(2) If you can not, can be in the shoe pad insoles to wear thick socks to solve.

(3) If you still can not solve, it is recommended to find the shoemaker to modify.

(4) If the amendment can not be solved or the cost is too high, it is recommended to give, to be personal.

2, too heavy shoes lead to not follow the foot

Too heavy boots, such as the soles of the boots are too thick lead to not toe, you can increase the insoles, reduce the gap between the feet and vamps to make boots more with the foot, while avoiding the next to avoid buying too heavy.

3, there is no heel boots do not follow the foot

No heel baby can heel the heel by increasing the friction between the boot and the foot or reducing the gap between the boot and the foot, as follows:

(1) pad heel pad

No heel to wear snow boots without heel, you can pad heel pad, padded with excessive space between the heel and boots, increase the friction between the feet and shoes, so heel feet.

(2) to wear rough socks

Or wear a rough surface, larger friction socks, but also make boots more with the foot.

(3) pad insoles

The purpose of the insole is to reduce the distance between the instep reebok running shoes and the upper so that the shoe can be followed by the foot. Or mat pad can also be increased, a certain degree of slope, but also make the space for shoes become narrower, but also in the invisible increase in the more good leg lines.

Others will try to pad a half-size pad inside, but also to reduce the gap, let the shoes more with the purpose of the foot.

(4) to find professionals to deal with

Really reebok classic can not only be sent to the place where repair shoes, so that they think of a solution, you can try to add a shoe in the shoes, but the location must be selected, neither abrupt but also take into account the comfort of the feet, so must To a good location please shoemaker help again.

Note: Snow boots will cross the larger, it is recommended not to buy too loose, will be less and less with the foot.

Snow boots on the market generally have plastic soles at the end, the end of the foam, tendon at the end of the rubber soles, composite soles, and composite soles, rubber soles and tendon at the end of non-slip effect is better.

Plastic at the end: Multi-used to wear indoor shoes home, cheap 10-20 snow boots, easy to wear deformation.

Foam at the end: also used to teach the price of cheap snow boots, characterized by light, the disadvantage is not slippery.

Tendon at the end: tendon at the end is a light yellow translucent soles, because of the color and the color of beef tendons named. Soles flexible, comfortable to wear, walk without sound. Can be made of rubber or plastic.

Rubber sole: non-slip, wear-resistant, the market for dozens of snow boots are basically rubber sole.

Composite end: most of the popular soles on the market are specialized composite soles, also known as rubber foam end. Sole contact with the place is non-slip rubber, which is bubble end, light, which is the characteristics of this sole.

Composite soles from the second floor can be free to take living compound, the upper and lower composite surface is convex and concave corresponding to the regular pattern of geometric shape, the upper layer covered with micropores, the lower edge of the geometric holes with the bottom so that the upper and lower substrate Between the formation of the spatial layer of interoperability, with the pressure of walking people space layer volume changes, automatic gas exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of ventilation, dampness. Each part offers different functions such as non-slip, support, elasticity, breathability.

At the same reebok shoes time, the sole with a nail or a non-slip pattern, non-slip effect better. If you have to buy the snow boots slippery effect is not good, you can also go to repair shoes, so that professionals nailed non-slip soles.