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Snow boots inside how to clean five ways to make snow boots a new look

Snow boots is the necessary artifact in winter, it is simple and stupid shape and warm care loved by everyone, but the only drawback is not easy to clean, so how to clean inside the snow boots it? This is a lot of people are very concerned about the problem. In the end how to clean inside the snow boots? Next, up to everyone to share five cleaning methods, so that snow boots a new look! reebok pump Snow boots hair cleaning method 1: 1, dust with this vacuum cleaner to remove the dust of the upper. Play the role of ash. You can also use the old towel pumping Shan 2, with the shoe support from the use of wooden shoes to support the shoe support, so that the shoe will not be variant, good cleaning snow boots. 3, with a special brush with snow boots dedicated brush, pay attention to the main surface of the treatment of stains heavier parts and polished parts. First with a rubber face in one direction brush, side seam with the side. Stains at the heavy circle kneading, and then rubbed with copper wire. 4, wipe with a wet sponge again with a wet sponge rub again, the upper wet, the purpose is to deal with water-soluble substances. 5, shake the detergent spray on the surface followed by the use of detergent spray a little bit in the plush, continue to use rubber brush back and forth repeatedly brush the stains on both sides of the fiber are removed, dirty foam sponge dry. 6, dry ten minutes after the clean, dry ten minutes, so dry hair, and some wet with a rubber face in a direction to reebok store brush, so that the hair spread, finishing. 7, half an hour to dry for half an hour, and so on after the shoe dry shoes inside the newspaper protection, from the shoe 15 cm uniform spray on the agent. The renewal agent reebok classic contains a light agent, a colloid (adhesion to other substances), a pigment, a solvent (soluble substance), and the like. Black snow boots and so on for a long time easy to understand, it is best to use the original color agent. Spray the purpose of the new agent is complementary color, if there is no fading phenomenon, you can not complement color. 8, with the rubber along the brush again after drying with rubber brush along the brush again, so that the same color. 9, the collection bag will be used to dry the snow boots, and put the appropriate amount of desiccant can be collected.

If the quality is good, that is, one fur, you can use the detergent diluted. And then the kind of special small brush to clean up the dirty things, the simplest is to use the tide cloth gently rub into. And finally with some softener, in the shade naturally dry. reebok running shoes And so on 7,8 into the dry when the soft brush to straighten out, so the natural dry can be. Clean up in a timely manner, so better to clean up. With snow boots professional cleaning agent to clean the plush, although after washing hair becomes a bit collapse, but for the cleanliness, really effective and fast. Grease and moisture are the largest nemesis of the inner hair, but the dust is second. There is a very cute way, that is, with the Totoro's bath powder to wash, the effect is good, but after the best upside down blowing with a hair dryer, shaking empty two or three days to wear. Because the particles of the bath powder is very fine, it is difficult to shake clean. In fact, as long as the usual attention with a bag cover up, personal hygiene maintenance, snow boots or hair is difficult to dirty it Snow boots pad a cotton thin insole, the most out of the hair to blow frequently. With soap or soap powder (can not use detergent detergent detergent), in the palm of the hand inside the bubble, and then use the make-up of a small brush, stained with little bit of brush oil stains, brush with a paper towel after the bubble Can be sucked away.