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Sportsman with a good show with a good figure

A pair of shoes a shirt, the pants never rely on a good face, body and fitness clothing with a good, sportsman is really not a random can be full of the broad road, the following description of the shirt, all the time Test the men who have a good body, byebye small belly, show a good body, the United States to develop the mind, more sports, sweat, like a warrior and body combat, the color of the shoes is particularly special, a bright spot , Low-key and introverted type of man seems to be you oh Comfortable to wear, the cortex is very fine hairy, jogging and walking are applicable, running support is not good roll, soles soft but rebound can also, shoes work style details are very good, this shoes both exercise And leisure use, real good things. Leather belt buckle design is very good, shoelace part is not tight, wear it very comfortable. Running to wear the most suitable for daily casual wear no problem, fabric light, thin, micro elasticity, breathable for morning jogging! The alignment of work, work well, not tight. Zipper design particularly Western style, one knitting very docile. Breathability is not generally good. T-shirt is very comfortable to wear, the material is also very good, very comfortable sports shirt, cheap and good, very high price is very slippery very soft, the color is also quite like, there are lines very clear. It is difficult to get both tight and very comfortable.

Returning to the super high sweater. Mainly thin, which is the focus of the fabric is very good, very comfortable to wear, to like this style of pro-reference, sleeves a little longer but this is the bf wind, very handsome. Inside the velvet is very thick, feeling very comfortable, very warm, winter, do not need to wear inside the thermal underwear, pants version of the type is very good, wearing a walk will be very easy, feeling no shackles, exquisite workmanship no smell. Very cool and smooth, wear off is also more convenient, there is a layer of cashmere. Not very thick, pants stretch great, comfortable exercise, breathable wearing a thin unconsciousness. Very good to wear, highlight the body is very good, tight section, the body is very tested, the size is very accurate, version of the European version of the United States, the fabric soft and comfortable elastic large. Quality is very good, upper body effect of 100 points, quick, flexible, no sense of restraint, it is suitable for indoor fitness, sports wear fine workmanship, fabric supple quality is good! Wearing comfortable, breathable back, you can quickly perspiration, very close to the solid, feel soft and comfortable, comfortable and comfortable to wear, do not fade, can not afford the ball, size standards. Selection of materials solid, work stress. Big brand, micro-bomb, comfortable. Lace design is not tight, more suitable for multi-size waist, cartoon pattern is not monotonous, very cute. The fabric is very thick, the quality of workmanship are good, upper reebok pump body effect is good, warm effect is also better, this weather is just fine, work is very detailed. Stitching the fabric is very Western, simple and generous.