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Spring breeze began in the next foot: Oxford shoes type grid

Although these days the temperature is repeated, but has passed the spring of the calendar or suggest that we have to spring. That season is not only changing clothes, shoe deep spot of the season is also a lot of style men took out. Among them, one of the protagonist than the classic and taste of reebok pump the representative: Oxford shoes in the fashion week and the major trend of the site of the street shooting, we can find those men regardless of a decent suit, or leisure khaki vest pants, or And then wild point of the cowboy tannins, as long as there is so fashionable two brush will be the choice of fashion shoes Oxford shoes. That many people can not help but wonder, why this shoe has such a big charm, so many high-grade gentleman to make ends meet, this time to disk a first ~, you have to know what kind of shoes can be called Oxford shoes, right? Do not look at the soles are neither round nor how sharp, rules of the slender body, the upper again to hand a few seam along the fight, which is very elegant in all respects. Indeed, Oxford shoes are the existence of formal occasions, and Derby shoes (Derbies) with the original dress shoes with two categories, but with the latter's biggest difference is that Oxford shoes tongue (that is directly with your instep Touch the piece of leather) and the upper (shoe overturned surface) is not made of a piece of leather, but the two separate parts.

In addition, the characteristics of Oxford shoes is also in most cases, but not tongue. After all, this kind of low-heeled shoes to help the eyes of the shoe is under pressure in the upper, commonly known as closed lace (closed lacing); and tied with shoelaces, wings (almost close to the eye area of ??shoes) Will be closed into a non-adjustable width of the style, even for a whole face. Oxford shoe shoes as its name, is popular from the 18th century Oxford University. But in fact, earlier, it originated in Scotland and the Irish region, because it was raging the traditional riding with high-heeled Jackboot boots, tight and difficult to wear, so many in the rural work of the traffickers are very troubled, so when Oxford shoes On the occasion of it, it is usually made of thick, tanned leather, and fixed with a narrow belt with lace, which is padded with straw straw or hay to prevent wear. And quite rebellious Oxford University students also launched a "liberation of the feet, so that shoes return to comfort," the footwear improvement movement, advocating freedom is not bound, both hit it off, gradually become the standard class of students wearing equipment.

So, this shoe is Oxford local people to modify, this into the British aristocratic first chapter society. This is also just what the most of the Oxford shoes and suits can be together, always able to show the meticulous gentleman style. Although the birth is full of dramatic rebellious spirit, but in the final analysis, it has always been flowing with pure British descent. Although now we are no longer preoccupied in this regard, even to wear more casual shoes, but there are still many men attached to Oxford shoes. Black and brown wild color and design, but also quite retro, elegant. Moreover, for the seemingly rigorous this point, but in fact its development so far, already have a different style. The toe is not the plain skirt of the plain-toe, which is the most standard suits, and can even be fitted with evening dress or tuxedo. Toe more leather a toe hat Oxford shoes (Cap-toe), to cope with business meetings more than enough; there is now widely circulated carved shoes (Brogue). Well, the reebok classic famous Bullock shoes is a branch of Oxford shoes, is a carved shoes form. Many people buy shoes, it is easy to Bullock and so on for Oxford shoes is also inevitable. But then again, Bullock carved with Oxford unique neat lines, at the same time, it also has a variety of changing forms, you can fancy can also be decorated, the species can be divided into several, in this do not repeat The But Bullock is absolutely good to make up for the three, two Oxford shoes (that is, toe hat) in some party parties, the performance of excessive conservative.

Development so far, in addition to the overall color of the ordinary pattern of leather, craftsmen who brainstorming, early to make N kinds of attempts: mirror, suede, patent leather, fight color; which is a variety of reebok pump colorful color is superb, Really pocketed the rate of retreat. Many fashion authorities have said that a man's world view and taste are starting from the shoes, they called the "Soul mate" (from the soles homophonic Sole). So if allowed, in the shoe to keep a pair of shovel horizontal Oxford shoes, add two pairs of different degrees of Bullock Oxford shoes can really improve the dress grade