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Spring early spring, how do you not change shoes it

Spring wear war has been opened, presented the first spring of the first US shoe chop list, who wear who wins! Choose the difficult you, whether often tangled in a large number of beautiful shoes, dazzling, unable to start? Challenge also pick color, you are not always find the favorite baby, often upset end. Send you this list, including a variety of shoes, patience read, chances are met their favorite paragraph that, cure your choice difficult. Early spring this victory of the war, exclusive to your beautiful battlefield. The pursuit of a high degree of girls should pay attention to the heel can not be too high, loose shoes can reebok pump not be high heels to wear, loose pasture, then on the one hand ugly sky, on the other hand but significant people are short, exposed Short board. Heel control in the 5cm or so is the best height, no obvious exaggeration, high without traces. reebok outlet store Basic models of small white shoes, a single pure tone, leaving the reebok pump shape of the Meng but added the fun, the overall light and lively.

Thick British British Bullock shoes; if there is a style and Han Fan comparable to it, then it must be the British wind, and retro gentleman sent graceful, elegant and natural, charming. Beautifully concealed carved, slim lace embellishment, so that the whole shoe is full of natural with the atmosphere. Striped thick, really practice the concept of muffin, cute like a thick sweet cake, fluffy seductive leather music blessing shoes pedal; a pedal has been considered a lazy welfare, life thought a small invention. In fact, the busy modern life, so that everyone on the foot of the attention are not many, a pedal in a large extent easy to wear, emergency time to reebok pump save time. Simple simple color design, minimalist concept, is to create a convenient, two-color optional. Youth sports wind, travel are engaged in the set. Tassel thick under the school wind shoes; elegant in the fall of fashion, fresh yet mature, fashion is not stable. Metal chain embellishment, tassel-shaped half-covered feet, modified foot type, was thin, no pressure color, set off the gloss, significant white feet. Bright leather upper fashion age, so that the whole shoe looks high-end atmosphere. Solid color thick bottom one design, perfect and shoe body integration, so you increase without pressure.

Fish mouth net yarn flat boots; very temperament of a short boots, net yarn upper and thin cool, moisture inside the breathable breath, mouth full of feminine mouth, sexy and lovely. Short boots high, not only small feet, while the modified leg type, significant legs white and delicate, cover part of the leg lines, make up the legs short board. Flat design to reduce the black boots is easy to set off the level of dust, but steady handsome. Personality graffiti thick bottom of the board shoes; filled with youthful atmosphere, is no one can stop the beautiful, youth school students a wind shoes. Naughty graffiti design, showing that the age of the unique publicity headstrong, to the unique personality, fearless, and more exaggerated because the young are not exaggerated. The most beautiful age, we must have the most confident attitude. Even with uniforms can be perfect with control Oh. Cowhide round deep mouth retro shoes; elegant intellectual white-collar style, after the foot of the surprising effect of you, very enhance the temperament. Shoe round head, weakened the sense of sharpness, playing a bit more feminine feminine tenderness. Deep retro, nostalgic style fascinating. Shoe lines smooth and beautiful, slender and slim Square with the intellectual maturity, pure color clean and natural, wearing a piece of art on the feet as if.