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Tennis shoes purchase and maintenance

Play tennis must wear tennis shoes, its special structure will help you improve the skills and enhance effective running. To know that a 50% victory in playing tennis depends on your running, the importance of a good pair of shoes is evident. Do not wear running shoes because it can easily make you fall, and basketball shoes can hinder the movement of the ankle.

The most important thing is the accessories - the protection system design for the footsteps is the most elegant part of any tennis shoe. The protective functions of accessories such as "forefoot stabilizers", "heel guards", heel guards, hoops, or mid cushions not only allow many "genius golfers" to stay afloat in tennis, but also encourage businesses to create "air cushions" and "air cushions." Shock absorbers, "return pressure", "energy guide" and many other wonderful accessories. People pay more "manufacturing costs" for the accessories of these protection systems for the sake of their own feet. But this is necessary and helpless.

The secondary is that the upper - leather upper (leather leather) always gives the shoes a brilliance, gives a firm and solid feel, and also improves the wear level. While paying attention to the uppers of the leather, attention should also be paid to the reebok store absorption of the inner lining material, paying attention to its softness and comfort. As for nylon or cotton, chemical fiber shoes are more suitable for sports venues based on wooden venues and should not be used as the preferred shoe upper for tennis.

In addition to the above selected manufacturing elements, attention should also be paid to size and ratio at the time of purchase. It is theoretically believed that after the exercise or in the afternoon, the shoe purchase test code at night is more accurate. For men and women tennis players should also understand the design distinction between men's shoes and women's shoes, in a slightly regular store will generally be given. In addition, it is recommended that you choose a pair of tennis shoes for good value when you purchase shoes. When you show your style on the tennis court, this pair of shoes may have many people! Really, shoes make you look good.


When the shoes are worn dirty, you can use a little detergent to gently scrub with water, then rinse with clean water, place in a cool, dry air, avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Do not use heating or open fire to prevent aging, opening, fading, and severe deformation. Excessive sun exposure and improper heat treatment of the hair dryer will reduce the service life of the shoes; they cannot be soaked for a long time, and the soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather shoes can not be soaked in water;

Daily training of athletes or regular sports enthusiasts, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes for replacement; running shoes on the nylon mesh cloth and artificial fur is relatively easy to maintain, can be washed by hand, it is best not to use washing machine or water soaking Separate shoes and reebok classic shoelaces with neutral soap/washing detergent. Take out the insole while washing shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and then rinse;

In order for you to achieve a satisfactory wearing effect, please treat your wearing shoes fairly. Remember not to wear regular jogging shoes or walking shoes for football, basketball and other strenuous exercise. At the same time, but any kind of sports shoes can not touch the weapon.

If it is stored for a long time, the shoes should be brushed first, and then stored in a cool, ventilated place after being dried so that the shoes can be blown dry enough to avoid mildew. Leather shoes are best held inside with a ball of paper or shoe support to prevent severe deformation. Turn the shoe sole down toward reebok outlet the wall and dry it at a ventilated place at normal temperature to prevent water from immersing in the midsole foam material. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is not recommended to lay the wet shoe flat)

Do not use a hard brush or excessive force in the process of wearing or brushing, and do not use nails or sharp objects to cut corners of these printed patterns. After wearing for a period of time, there may be some small cracks on the surface of reebok running shoes some patterns (especially the often tortuous parts), which is normal.