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The law of love for women and shoes

?A pair of good shoes, perhaps not the most beautiful, not the most expensive, nor is the brand name, but it can take you to swim the world, only you can enjoy the happiness of one of them. And not fit shoes, perhaps people envy, but the injury is indeed their own. Love, in fact, like shoes, wear the longest reluctant to lose, and often not the most beautiful, but the most suitable for their own pair. No matter what other people see this shoe is ugly or ugly, only to know their own comfortable feeling, only to know the feeling of happiness. Shoes is not appropriate, only the foot to know, love is not beautiful and only their own experience, so be sure to choose their own shoes, have their own love, because the future is still a long way to go. This situation must have encountered reebok classic you, in the countless display cabinets walked around, all kinds of shoes to see you dazzled, but no choice. The price is not beautiful, like too expensive, comfortable to wear looks not popular, they feel good to see other people are too old-fashioned ... ..., in order to be reebok store reebok pump completely satisfied is simply difficult to increase. Pick to pick, finally selected a pair, wearing a few days to find will be grinding feet, or no way with their own clothes, this time how to do? Is to give up or would rather have to wear?

Love is the same, love you people you do not love, you love people do not love you, love people get along is not harmonious, others seem to board their own but not happy, it seems beautiful marriage get along is not easy ... ... Because of loneliness, and the love of reebok outlet the wrong judgments, that with love will not be lonely. That with another person's companionship, loneliness can run far, no longer to harass you. Really can that? In fact, more of the situation is that loneliness will not go, love did not come, but instead more lonely than before, but always self-deception that I have love, since I will not be lonely again.