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Three kinds of shoes can not be less, fashion for you concave fashion

The cold winter, girls feel more is too cold, cold hands and feet but feeling very uncomfortable, but also easy to have the worry, in order to be able to better protect themselves, many girls also have to wear Some thick outfit, I hope I can spend this winter well. Have to wear the experience of the girls in the choice of wear but very skillful, in order to make their own demeanor and temperature both, a pair of warm shoes, but thicker than the thick pants and down jacket to be more warm, shoes for the overall wear Visual effects still have a very big impact on it, I heard there are three essential winter boots, hurry up and have a look! With the growing fashion awareness, many girls are not confined themselves in the tender style, change their style has become more sense of presence, has become a lot of girls now most want to do, handsome Street style But girls change the style of choice.

And for handsome street style shoes, the representative of the neutral wind Martin boots, but the best choice, lace design with a brown hue is the most classic Martin boots design, so that girls wear on their feet The same can be the same as a handsome boy. After the shoes are used to help the lace design, an increase of shoes design sense, fashion is more prominent personality. Carefully selected leather fabric, with good flexibility, long wear will not have the worry of deformation, three-dimensional cut tightness just right, wearing the feet feel very comfortable. Lace design, according to the requirements of girls on the size of the shoes to adjust, so reebok pump that shoes more amazing magic, with a brown hue, the appearance of a more retro sense of flu, the use of the mouth is velvet Fabric, skin-friendly soft touch, very comfortable to wear. Just good beauty and ankle boots only know that just arrived at the design of the ankle, to show the girl fair-skinned skin and a beautiful ankle, the details of the girls are more feminine, sexy and more attractive, but also has Wiggle Whether long pants or short skirts, and ankle boots can easily manage.

For the ankle boots, the most classic match with the combination of pointed design, so that girls' feet are visually more slender, invisible which highlights the goddess temperament, so that girls become More confident. Pointed design, so that girls look more slender feet, using a black tone, the lining of the skin more white, the spirit also appears to be very stylish, small metal buckle decoration, played a very good decorative effect, light irradiation Under a reebok pump more good luster. Carefully selected leather fabric, with good flexibility, long wear there will be no deformation concerns, using a black tone, more versatile fashion, non-slip soles, even in slippery environment will not have Slipped concerns, high help design, even more slender legs. Cold winter in the choice of boots, the most memorable is the snow boots, velveteen fabric, skin contact with the skin soft and soft, played a very good warm effect, so that girls feel Warm and more secure. For snow boots, it is best to choose a simple style, after all, the snow boots itself that has a bloated sense of vision, so many girls feel a bit cumbersome, so the more simple design more fashionable. Thick with the design, an increase of the stability of the shoes, wearing the feet feel very comfortable, three-dimensional cut tightness just right, very comfortable to wear on the feet, fur stitching design, more design sense, played a very good concave shape The effect of more stylish atmosphere. Simple layout design, the appearance of a more simple and stylish fashion sense, played a concave shape effect, pure color design, more wild sex, plus velvet fabric, skin contact soft, play a Very good warm effect.