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Timely rejection of high heels, maybe flat shoes is suitable for you

High heels for women to show the charm, but it is estimated that a quarter of the world's population is suffering from podiatry, and most of the foot disease has a direct relationship with the shoes, including high heels on the health of the most prominent harm. However, in the eyes of women, even if it will bring discomfort, but its beauty, it is difficult to refuse, and love and hate. Long wearing high heels, reebok pump not only easy to make the female foot, leg health hurt, and even involving the cervical spine, causing you to unexpected cervical spondylosis. The first thing to pick high heels, is to put high heels on the ground, observe: the center of gravity with the heel was 45 degrees. No matter how high it is, at least it will be a pair of relatively comfortable shoes. 45 shoes, the entire foot force evenly, so you feel comfortable after wearing no pain. If you look at the angle of more than 45 , or even to 60 or more, you wear this pair of shoes to walk less than 5 minutes, will wait for it to take off immediately. A pair of good shoes, arch design must be reasonable, able to bear the pressure of the arch, you can make high heels close to the comfort of flat shoes.

?The high heels placed on the ground, if found toe uplift 1cm, then you bought a pair of good shoes. High heels because of the high, so the feet will be washed forward, slightly Alice's toes can avoid this pressure, thereby reducing the toe squeeze. Therefore, when buying shoes reebok shoes must look at the tip of the tip is not Alice, Of course, the toe is not the better the better, overturned shoes will make your toes feel uncomfortable. Some people say that high heels are too reebok pump high, there is a waterproof platform on the line! wrong! Waterproof platform, although the pressure to ease the forefoot, but at the same time the negative effect is "road" is very obvious, especially in the up and down the stairs and slightly uneven road, easily lead to accidental injury, it is easy to stumble. Therefore, the waterproofing station is best not to exceed 3cm. Because, one day down, the body's lymph will be back in the lower body, more than 5% of other time, if it is long standing, lymph will increase by more than 8%, then choose a little half or the most appropriate shoes.