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To comfortable and fashion to take an intersection, can even wear sandals so little

Everyone is good ~ feeling big guy now are crazy to buy sandals, I have to talk to you. Saying that sandals really is a big summer every day homework, want to find a pair is also a lot of energy Da da ~ because we generally like to see the star with the god of the horse, so the sandals I actually have done similar to the content, but then I think Sandals really do not need to find the same paragraph, because the same section of the shoes to hate days high, bad operation reebok outlet store ah bad wear: Although the 10 cm word with beautiful, but I do not dare to wear, because I was the former The foot is very thin and my feet are very much sweat, so this shoe just wear 5 minutes basically toes have been slipped to the ground in front of the article has talked about a change in this year's heel, The In addition, in fact, there is another small change, that is more suitable for weekday casual wear thick heels also have a slightly wider word, so of course it is better to wear it!

If the band on the ankle is very thick on the best to wear long dress or trousers, do not reveal the legs sandals sandals is not the headlines on the most fashionable style, but it is the most practical and every brand every summer will be out The style of the. Many brands will own large logo printed on this sandals, Dora's meaning is that we try to avoid this silly logo can be all inside the sandals, Dora favorite sandals are the best Not the kind of slippers), reebok classic especially especially suitable for wearing trousers and long skirts! Muller shoes I have not reebok shoes written how, because most of the Muller shoes are too mature there is another I like more, as a pressure section recommended to everyone, is the foot of a piece of skin is divided into two or three Piece of Mueller shoes (that is, the foot is not completely blocked the kind of)