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Wear high heels do not pay attention to this matter, the more tired foot!

For a beautiful woman, the shoe if there is no pair of high heels, then recklessly woman, after all, high heels to wear out of the kind of tall and elegant image, absolutely able to make her sister on the United States on the third, but wear high heels and some drawbacks, If you do not pay attention to these things, then wear high heels can easily tired foot! 1. buy high heels when the best in the afternoon 3 to 4 when the time, when the lymph accumulation, foot type is the biggest time of the day, so this time the shoes will never try to squeeze foot pain.

2. high heels with the end of the design of the higher and higher, but with the end of the high, and will no doubt be more tired feet, so the sister of the selection of models, high heels and horizontal curvature should not be greater than 45 degrees, or increase the effect of good , But tired foot reebok pump level will intensify.

3. In general, high heels can make my sister's center of gravity shift, but it will also cause greater oppression of reebok shoes the toes, so some of the toe lift a little high heels style, can slow down the problem, so that my sister will not wear more tired The

4. Some high heels with waterproof design, in general, 3cm below the waterproof platform to reduce the pressure on the feet, so that my sister will not feel particularly tired feet.

5. shoes will be grinding foot pain, the sister can be in the shoes with plastic bags poured into the water, frozen in the refrigerator one night, because the water into the ice because there is air, so the volume increases, to expand the shoe body, So do not squeeze the foot.

6. Another sister can use the air blowing soft wind shoes, soften the material of the shoes, and then wear into the foot, you can effectively make shoes deformation in line with their feet.

If the sister is really afraid of tired feet, it is better to a pair of Peas shoes, both to retain the elegance of pointed shoes, but also take into account the comfort of Peas shoes, although there is no higher effect, but wearing comfort is higher The Pure color Peas shoes special wild, for the sister, is also the best choice for comfortable shoes, and the other with a metal ring design, so look will not seem monotonous Oh ~ a variety of styles can be Choose, pointed shoes with bow decoration, elegant taste more rich, for the sister, but also let yourself wear out the charm of the best choice, but also not tired of it Pointed Peas shoes small series of individuals reebok pump still like, especially with a metal design, all of a sudden on a lot of fashion, but also for my sister, but also to avoid tired feet uncomfortable feeling.