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Wear shoes to cover the shortcomings of the legs tips

If the legs slender, wear ankle lace with the shoes, it is best T-type lace shoes, or the front exposed toe feet can also be.

Shoes bare legs, requiring the length of the knee to the heel than the length of the knee to the muscle to be longer, that is, calf longer than the thigh, so as to appear beautiful.

If more chunky, should not wear lace shoes, this will destroy the original lines of the legs, and strengthen the legs flat effect.

Short legs or thick legs to avoid wearing patterns, patterns of cluttered socks, especially stockings. Wearing a light-colored tube socks effect is not good-looking, shoes are so

If the legs are not the most beautiful and beautiful parts of the body, then it should try to dilute it, the use of blue, black, white, such as neutral tone of the shoes and socks, keep the lines clear, simple pattern. Shoes can choose some of the traditional shallow mouth without shoes, or in the elegant with some of the style. Shoes choose properly with the clothing with the coordination of people to enhance the beauty of a certain role.

Thick shoes are not suitable for a short female

Fashion shoes more and more rich, it is inevitable that some dazzling. Indeed, you may choose not suitable for the match.

Popular thick shoes, with jeans or pants is very chic, but too small ladies do not blindly choose the thick soles of the fashionable style, it is likely to damage the body and the proportion of shoes, but not coordination, but also attract people to pay attention to you Choose the reebok outlet thick bottom to increase the height of the original intention, leading to the opposite effect. Preferring to make an essay on heel height.

Looks like a slippers-style non-heeled shoes, very popular with some of the pursuit of fashionable women respected, it highlights the beautiful lines of the feet, but also very novel. However, the foot type of crude fat, rough skin, the best woman to give up this choice, so as not to expose defects.

No heels free and comfortable, but not too suitable for the meeting, office wear; meet with people, the best negotiations put on some of the steady shoes, not because of small places caused by others unhappy.