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What are the types of increased shoes?

There are two main types of stealth type shoes in the market:

1, the function increased

It is said that through the magnetic medicine, magnetic therapy, the motherland traditional meridian massage therapy and bio-holographic theory combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory developed by the rapid growth of the bone can promote the growth of shoes. This type of height increasing shoe is mainly used for the 8-24-year-old youth bone express speed growth and can increase the time of bone closure function increase shoes, but there are not many effective examples, and almost 80% of people on the Internet have said no The results are still waiting to be examined. Customers should re-visit the so-called functional booster shoes!

2, within the increase

Also known as "increased stealth shoes" or "increased stealth shoes." The principle of increasing the height of the stealth shoes is reebok store to use a special pressure-resistant, breathable material to make the inner height-increasing pad in a specially designed shoe, thereby increasing the effect. Similar to women's high heels, but the design of the structure is more comfortable than women's high-heeled shoes, no discomfort after wearing. The appearance of hidden height-increasing shoes is the same as ordinary high-grade leather shoes. It not only makes people see no secret of heightening, but also makes people feel comfortable with twelve points. The hidden height-increased shoes in the overall design, the use reebok pump of human foot structure and "human physiology" principle, the use of hidden high-increased design structure, with a special pressure, breathable material made of inner heightening pad in the shoes moderately elevated , And supplemented by the design of curves and elasticity, so wearing a safe and comfortable, to overcome the other common high shoes, the burden of discomfort, easy to deform the shortcomings, while the height is immediately increased by 7 cm, so that men emerged tall, upright grace. ----This type of heightening shoe definitely has an increasing effect, and it is put into effect immediately, but it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the right one, otherwise it will wear very tired!

What is the principle of increased shoes?

In the overall design, using the principle of human foot structure and human physiology锟斤拷, the structure with hidden heel design and flat heel is adopted. It is moderately heightened in the shoes, supplemented by curves and elasticity, so it is safe and comfortable to wear. There is no feeling of cumbersome or uncomfortable high-heeled shoes, and the height is increased by 5-13 centimeters at reebok pump once, which makes people feel straight and majestic, graceful and refreshed. The appearance is the same as the ordinary high-grade leather shoes. It not only makes people see no secret of heightening, but also makes people feel comfortable. As the high-rise parts of the shoes are designed through the curve of scientific "human mechanics" and are made of the world's most advanced materials that are soft, hard and lightweight, the upper and inner layers are made of genuine leather. During the process, due to the full introduction of advanced equipment from Italy, the credibility of products and services can be absolutely guaranteed.