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What are the ways to buy safety shoes?

?In the production workshop, generally need to use safety shoes, in order to ensure that workers in the production and processing of heavy things hit the foot reebok pump of the harm, to ensure reebok pump the safety of workers. So how do you buy security shoes at this time? What do you know about the way to buy safety shoes? The following Xin Xin small land to give you the analysis of the next way to buy safety shoes and some precautions to facilitate the purchase of safety shoes when there is a basis to go, or I do not know the direction of the chaos to buy back, when the workers wear Uncomfortable or the quality of unqualified, is a waste. According to the estimated standard, the most important feature of industrial safety shoes is the toe can withstand 20 kg of hard objects from 1 meter high vertical impact of the floor, absorbing 200 joules of kinetic energy. Most contemporary safety shoes also add other security features to develop different categories of products. Including just the end of the design, to prevent the foot was nails and other sharp objects pierced, these are anti-static anti-smashing safety shoes function. Other later features related to the soles include skid (forward movement) and grip [backward movement]. Other safety features of the sole include pre-set minimum antistatic properties, resistance to temperature variability, resistance to specific fuels and chemicals [acid and alkali]. Comfortable and hygienic, comfortable safety shoes can improve the efficiency of workers to prevent the emergence of foot or leg chronic diseases. Comfort performance of the most important indicators, including the upper material must reebok classic meet the specific waterproof and breathable standards, the material should reebok store be easy to sweat inside, [easy to take off after shoes] and smell. Other safety features include fit soles design, support for foot and foot, soft elasticity, foot pad and heel shock design.

Industrial safety shoes as long as the material for the leather or buffalo leather. Soles are usually cast directly into the upper, combined with the effect is quite perfect, to minimize the bottom of the bottom, seepage or into the dust and so on. The soles are resistant to wear, wear and puncture and other characteristics, so even in the most difficult working environment, but also in a very durable time, play a role in security. In the purchase of security shoes, some units or individuals for convenience, often choose the spot. Spot safety shoes may be factory for a long time, by the time, climate, environmental impact, leather, soles of the fastness will be reduced, the adhesive performance is reduced, and even affect the safety performance. Therefore, the procurement of safety shoes recommended to manufacturers to order production, so as not to affect the quality. So this 5 points to buy safety shoes method, you get it?