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White canvas shoes how to wash to avoid yellowing

White canvas shoes fashion and wild, wear is also very comfortable, but when the shoes easy to turn yellow, how to do shoes yellow? This headache problem now I help solve it! The first trick: clean the shoes with water, water control and evenly coated with white toothpaste on the shoes (remember to use white toothpaste) (do not brush out the bubble, you can even, the yellow side can be more ). Dry (if placed in the sun, on the top wrapped in toilet paper). After the dry, the shoes will be white! The The Second strokes: brush shoes when used as far as possible with a neutral detergent, wash the sun when you can take white paper (preferably white toilet paper) the whole package of shoes, shoes, dry you will find the shoes did not yellow, While the toilet paper has appeared a lot of yellow print. The third measure: If you wait until the shoes are dirty and then brush, must use detergent to wash, often wash can be less with detergent. Washing can also be first with soap or detergent to wash the shoes clean, wash the shoes soaked in beer for three minutes, and then get the shoes to the balcony, reebok classic on the shade, and in the upper with toilet paper cover, dry The The effect is obvious! Fourth strokes: If the shoes have been yellow, you can buy lead powder in the store to brush, wash the shoes, when the shoes wet when the brush up, and then wrapped in paper drying, to ensure that your shoes white as new You pay attention to the opera of the opera boots, boots are absolutely white, that is, with lead powder brush out.

The fifth measure: no matter what method of washing, after washing in the shoes evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste; take the toilet paper to wrap the body, while pressing a paper by hand, so that toothpaste shoes and toilet reebok store paper close together; After drying you will find the toilet paper is yellow, and the shoes become white and bright. Six strokes: 84 and so on with the role of bleach water with caution, corrosive. Suggest friends or not to use 84,84 is oxidative bleaching, can make the organic carbon on the shoe carbon, it will damage the fiber composition of shoes.