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Why the tongue wearing a crooked? Up knowledge

I do not know have not found, whether it is sports shoes or canvas shoes, shoes, all those who wear shoes, tongue will be crooked, no matter how pull, how to break back, walked or crooked, you all know this Why is it? Why the tongue wearing a crooked? Because knowledge of our feet is uneven, the top of the bone is inwardly offset, because the tongue under pressure to some extent, reebok classic this phenomenon will be more obvious in the movement Oh, because in the Exercise habits of the feet will be turned to the outside, the power of the footsteps uneven so it will lead to tongue crooked side. Some people are not standardized walking, not leaning forward, but habitually biased to the side, so tongue will be offset with the habit of foot to the side of Oh. The tongue material is generally relatively smooth, and relatively thin, it will be prone to offset. If the baby you wear socks are relatively slippery, it is easy to slip down it, the friction becomes smaller, the natural slip is normal it! Many people are not going to maintain their own shoes, if the maintenance is not in place, wear a long time, the wear on the shoes is great, over time, the shoes will change the reebok outlet store original shape of the shoes because of wear and tear, the tongue will be side to side crooked Oh

First of all, to change the conventional method of wearing a reebok classic shoelace, the baby can wear the shoelace to the penultimate hole, and then put the shoelace around the bottom of the tongue into the last hole, so when wearing shoes , Tongue and foot plate friction area increases, it is not easy to lose oh! Finally, pull the shoelace above the tongue for knotting, do not hit too tight, this will make the feet uncomfortable. This method can solve the reebok outlet problem of tongue will be out of it, the baby can go try it!