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Why wear flat shoes as high heels have temperament? Zhai heart

Every girl has high heels, especially young, office workers, white-collar workers have high heels, wearing high heels walking Pita Da, the fairies are wearing high heels, gestures thousands, calmly through the streets, walking in the office Pantry, trained a good effort. Flat shoes really wear ten thousand times better than high heels ah, why small fairies can endure the pain of high heels to abandon the comfort of flat shoes it? Wear high heels can make temperament better, do not take the attitude of walking will become elegant, will be more feminine, self will feel better. Wearing high heels can make women's image better, can increase the height of the body looks unconsciously convex after the Alice, looks more intellectual perfect, the attraction of the opposite sex is definitely higher than when wearing flat shoes several times! Wearing high heels with clothes will be more out of the bright and beautiful. High heels can express the beauty of clothing, such as wearing a small dress, with high heels will look more upscale, more taste. Workplace interview, or to participate in weddings, dances and other important formal occasions, are more suitable for wearing high heels, wearing a flat shoes in the past, then despised by the peer, or was laughing that the situation does not know how to wear reebok classic it is possible The

Some girls did not have to 165 or so, that is not enough confidence, but will not grow taller, so rely on high heels to make up for the height of the defects, wearing high heels tall, and many clothes are able to try! So put on high heels is a spiritual aesthetic hint, a symbol of the high standards of self-demanding. High heels to the pride, small flat can not afford to properly lose flat shoes, high heels to wear it, small fairies ~ ~ do not wear high heels can not be called a small fairy yo ~ temperament of the shirt, the most special is the collar design , Upper body super good looking suit design, loose straight does not limit the body, the lantern sleeve closed mouth processing, a little cute and playful white shirt! Very straight legs and fine black tights, fried shells fabric, twisting texture, can not afford reebok pump reebok store the ball, can not afford to file, wear-resistant material, 9 pants exposed ankle length is very nice! High waist small A word denim skirt, hem random sense of the hair more street fashion, skirt cut effect is more prominent personality; soft denim fabric wear comfortable, comfortable leisure ~ super colorful color striped T-shirt, feel very soft , Hit the color collar and cuffs are very clear, the upper body is very self-cultivation was thin, reebok pump whether it is to take or take a single dress with a pair of skirts and denim shorts are very good!