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Wide leg pants + flat shoes, is the 2018 fashion with

Since the wide-leg trousers have been fired, it has become almost a daily necessity. After all, it's so easy to wear and modify leg-type pants. Who doesn't like it? Wide leg pants are still very popular this year, but the biggest shoes with wide leg pants turned out to be flat shoes! The most suitable jacket for spring is a coat without any accidents. It is not only necessary to have a graceful manner, but also to have a temperature and temperature. Paired with wide-leg pants and flat shoes, it is an uppercase reebok shoes fashion! The jacket is a single product that can not be worn handsomely casually. Whether it is a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or a baseball jacket, each one is very handsome! Short jackets and high-waisted wide-leg trousers worn together are not only tall, thin, but also full of imperfections. No reebok outlet sense of violation with flat shoes! The spring shirt began to dominate the street once again. As a good-looking single product that no matter how you wear it, it is more elegant and casual with the wide-leg pants, and the flat shoes are very casual. A wide-leg trousers full of atmosphere, the texture of the reebok pump cowboy is a classic, no matter how long the past will not be out of date. reebok shoes Straight wide leg cutting, out of the gas field tones. With the white shirt, together with the proper retro goddess range!

The wide leg pants are very thin and straight! Although it is the cut of wide-leg pants, it is surprisingly high! With a pair of flat-bottomed white shoes, wear a sense of both the 165! Gold velvet fabrics have a silky feel, shade, light transmission, ventilation, heat insulation, UV protection, fire prevention, moisture resistance, easy cleaning, etc. It is a very good fabric. It is very popular with modern people for apparel manufacturing. The trousers are made of gold velvet, and the loose version is very comfortable. The soft fabric is skin-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the sense of no-wear, multi-color choices, and make you go wild.