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Your height to wear high shoes to look good, you know?

High heels this double was high artifact, is a lot of girls in the shoe in the essential goods. Not a pair of beautiful US high heels, how can you say that they are women?

However, high heels after so many years of development, even the shoes and shoes have a lot of high style. However, do not blindly think that the higher the high heels can be thin, make you look more beautiful Oh! Today, makeup makeup to take you with a reebok outlet store scientific way to calculate your height to wear high heels best look! Xiaobian got a formula: (leg length + height) / (height + height) 0.618

What offer is equal to 0.618? Because 0.618 is the golden point, the mathematician confirmed that the golden point will be more harmonious. The most perfect body is equal to: the distance from the navel to the soles of the feet / head to the foot of the distance = 0.618, of course, even if we wear high heels, it is difficult to reach 0.618 gold split points. But we can make the proportion of their body closer to the proportion of reebok store gold, then we will be more harmonious in the visual good-looking. Xiao Bian know that many of you math are taught by sports teachers. If you think the above formula is too complicated, Lei Feng I have to help you to simplify the formula, high heels height (0.618 * height - leg length) / 0.382.

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